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Chrystal Slowley

March 31, 2015

Research Paper Outline

  1. Intro
  2. Many people are lucky enough to escape the harsh impoverished areas of the world, many others are not.
  3. Children who live in poverty lack the benefit of good nutrition, quality education, and medical resources.
  4. Body paragraphs.
  5. The lack of good nutrition for children can be detrimental to all aspects of their lives.
  6. Education is a building block most children in impoverished areas don’t have.
  7. Medical resources can be scarce or even nonexistent for children who live in poverty.

III. Conclusion

Children who live in poverty aren’t given the basic necessities in life to survive without struggle. Where there is lack of nutrition there is illness, and without proper education and medical attention, their lifespan will most likely be cut short.