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Chrystal Slowley

February 18, 2015

Peer Review Questions


!. The opener had a s few grammatical errors. I could understand what was trying to be said, but it wasn’t concisely said as it could have been.

2. It wasn’t clear to me what the thesis statement was; there was a lot of repetition, but no specified point.

3. There didn’tĀ seem to be clear body paragraphs, as in standard paragraph form.

4. There weren’t enough transition words used in the body paragraphs that would causeĀ  the story to flow.

5. Language was a struggle for me.

6. Paragraph 4: “I migrated to America for a better future, but it seemed asĀ if I was thrown into another struggle.”

Expand on the struggles you had with your dialect and the American English. Did you feel more prepared with the education you got from Trinidad?

Underline your title. Don’t put it in question format.

7. ExplainĀ  some of the good thingsĀ that came out of you migrating; whatĀ struggles have you overcome?