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Chrystal Slowley

March 3, 2015

Outline for Argumentative Essay

  1. Introduction

A. Social media has a way of conveying this message, that fame is the most important possession                   to obtain in life.

B. Through social media, teens are encouraged to focus their attention on gaining popularity via                   sex, money, and drugs.

2. Body Paragraphs

A. Most of today’s mainstream music and social media sites put emphasis on selling

B. Materialistic achievements displayed on social media promotes the idea that money reflects                   self-worth.

C. Allusions made toward the use of drugs encourages teens to believe that it is acceptable to                   partake in drug related activities.

3. Conclusion

Social media plays a heavy role in how teens view the realities of life. Music, movies, and other means of closely accessible social connections, tend to promote things that take away from what is known as “childhood.” Teens are faced with the pressure to grow up before their time and participate in adult activities, instead of exploring their own creative minds and understanding the responsibilities of being an adult. As a result, childhood expectations are becoming nearly extinct.