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Digital Printing Links and Discussion – October 31, 2018

As stated during the class, digital print has changed the world of printing, these links will provide an in-depth review […]

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Final Project Timeline and Specifications

Thank you all for submitting your creative briefs. The next step is to develop 3 thumbnail or rough layouts for […]

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Designs for Class Project

Afternoon,   A quick reminder that your design for the class project are due tomorrow for draft review, please bring […]

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Good Morning,   Your final project PDF is due no later than 11/26/2018, via email sent to me at […]

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Presentation Final Exam

Good Morning, On December 12, 2018, the class will focus on your final test/exam visual presentation. You need to develop, […]

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Optional Book

You may wish to consider purchasing this book in the future. “Introduction to Graphic Communications” by Harvey Levenson and John […]

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High res and Low res files

I found this link to be of interest, You may find it use full as well. This Clever Photoshop […]

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Influence Graphics Visit

Good Morning, Just a quick reminder that we are NOT meeting at CITY TECH tomorrow but at Influence Graphics. Plant […]

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Mid Term Exam Topics for YOUR Review

Good Morning, As stated next Wednesday, I will upload a mid-term exam to be completed in the first hour of […]

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2018 Print Production For Designers – October 31, 2018

  Mid-Term Quiz     Print Production for Designers           Prof. Thaddeus B. Kubis The quiz will begin at 8:15am and end […]

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