CDMG 3532 Print Production for Designers


Mid-Term Quiz     Print Production for Designers           Prof. Thaddeus B. Kubis

The quiz will begin at 8:15am and end at 9:00am. Please provide a defined response to each of the five questions. Using key words, terms and statements that relate directly to answering the questions as they relate to the class and the teachings is important. Create a word document and use that document to complete the exam, please copy and paste the 5 questions below to the word document. INCLUDE YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME ON YOUR WORD DOCUMENT AND IN THE DOCUMENTS FILE NAME!


  • Define, explain and include a course related example of Reverse Engineering.
  • What is Color Management, provide up to 3 benefits of color management as it relates to this course.
  • Define the following; What is a lossy file, what is a lossless file and provide two examples of each?
  • Explain CMYK, explain RGB and the use of both color spaces in the creative process, bonus points describe color gamut.
  • Explain pre-flighting when preparing a file for printing.

At 9:00am email your completed document to:



Prof. Kubis