Being in Brooklyn

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Project 2 - Dumbo Beach

Coming out of the subway, I usually don't look around to see what's interesting. I go to where I need to go and end of story. Once I stopped walking at York street, and started observing what was surrounding me. Down on Jay street there seemed to be a kind of beach, I decided to walk towards there. While getting there I passed several great and interesting places and it motivated me to get more curious about Brooklyn. At the end of my walk I noticed it wasn't a big beach, but rather a small one. It was more of a relaxing or resting place, the place was called Dumbo Beach. The place has a few kinds of plants that I haven't heard of nor seen. The place was interesting to be because I found it odd to find a beach kind of place in a busy kind of neighborhood. There are buildings and these electrical things around it, all these places are Juxtaposition towards the Beach.From what I saw it seems like the place was Man made, it didn't seem to have that natural kind of feeling. The directions towards Dumbo Beach are very simple. You start out at City Tech, The main building and you walk towards the Brooklyn bridge. Its one direction but you have to pass several streets. Chapel St, Concord St, Nassau St, Sands St, Then you cross the street towards Prospect St,York St,then Front St. There's a beautiful Art painting in a wall, its a Mexican Restaurant then Water St, Plymouth St. then you stop when you get to John St. All these streets are With Jay street, so its not too complicated. The Quotes I'm Choosing to use are from the Article City Limits one is "The New York City you live in is not my New York City" and the other is "Maybe we become New Yorkers the day we realize that New York will go on without us." Choosing these quotes weren't too difficult. They easily got my attention because they have a special meaning. One means the Memories we have of New York City, no one really knows how we see them except us. This quote relates to what I'm going to write about because The walk I took, the emotion I felt and the thoughts that went through my mind aren't going to be the same as another individual. And the other one explains of how much of a value New York City is to us and how of a minor value we are to New York City. This one is relatable because I notice we are influenced by New York City. New York City is our role model, we want to be someone in New York City, we rely on it. New York doesn't need us to functions. They are both interesting quotes the Author used in his Writing.