Being in Brooklyn

Gabriel Perez-Ponce

English Project 2

At first I wasn’t sure what location to pick for project two would be. After my walk around the City Techs neighborhood I remembered this one time I came across Gleason’s Gym! Gleason’s Gym is a boxing gym that is located on 77 Front Street it is like a 20 minute walk from City Tech. My class was assigned a landmark that is ancient or has some history. I was surprised when I looked into Gleason’s gym and it does have some history. There is no other Gleason’s this is the only Gleason’s Gym in NYC! Many famous boxers trained here like Jake LaMotta, Roberto Durán, Mike Tyson and many more! Many people who aren’t interested in the boxing or gym may not want to know nothing about Gleason’s, but those who like to box, like to work out, know about boxing might want know about this particular gym.

To get to Gleason’s Gym is simple just by exiting City Tech through the main exit (Namm) and head up towards Tillary Street. Once you get there make a left and walk all Tillary street until you get to Cadman Plaza E make a right. From there walk straight up all Cadman Plaza E and continue walking up onto Washington St. Keep walking up until you get to Front St make a left and there’s Gleason’s Gym. People may think that Gleason’s gym is contemporary but truth is Gleason’s gym is very unique Gleason’s Gym first open in the year 1937! The gym was founded by Peter Robert Gagliardi a former welterweight, who changed his name to Bobby Gleason, Now Gleason’s Gym is now owned by Bruce Silverglade.

I chose this certain place because I have a friend who is a boxer and he goes to that gym. I remember one day he told me and other friends that he was on the finals to get the gold glove tittle. The event was going to take place in Barclays Center and that if we wanted tickets we had to go to his gym and purchase them there. I wanted to go but I had no idea how to get there so i just googled mapped it and head there. On my way there the walk was amazing, great view from the bridge, you saw the park, friendly people smiling, and it was great. Once I got there I looked up and you in big letters “Gleason’s Gym” and under a little door. I went up some narrow stairs, then there was two metal grey doors. On the right one it said Gleason’s Gym so I went inside and it was a pretty big place I thought it was going to be smaller.