Being in Brooklyn


There are many beautiful places in New York City. When we mention New York City the first thought people have is Manhattan. You should know that side from the City, New York City has a lot of interesting things and places in all 5 boroughs. One of the most interesting boroughs is Brooklyn. Brooklyn is filled with a lot of historic places. One of them is Fulton Ferry Landing.  This was one of the first ferry service between Brooklyn and Manhattan in 1642. The restore pier was re-opened in 1997, This Ferry Landing offering visitors spectacular views of the harbor, Brooklyn Bridge and the Lower Manhattan skyline.

As I was walking around the neighborhood of City Tech I came up with this beautiful place were I was able to watch the Brooklyn Bridge and also a splendid view into Manhattan. To get to this place was very simple. When getting out of the main entrance of the Namm Building turn left and go straight staying in Jay street. Then you make a left going to Prospect Street. Lastly turn right to Cadman Plaza. From there you keep on walking straight and you get to Fulton Ferry Landing.

When i got to my point it was impressive how beautiful the view was. You can see all of Manhattan even the Statue of Liberty. The buildings were huge! The image i got to capture is good but you can’t really capture the juxtaposition.  To admire its location you got to capture a larger image than what the picture is able to show. For example, if you take a picture in the side were the bridge is at you wont appreciate the view completely because you not going o be able to see the Statue of Liberty. Therefore, if you take the picture from the Statue of Liberty’s side you won’t be able to appreciate the view that the Brooklyn Bridge shows. In this case i think is better to see this location in person.

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