Being in Brooklyn

I’m native to the Queens area of NYC but I’ve been recently finding myself exploring areas of Brooklyn. Not only is my college located in this borough but we’re using it’s rich history to explore ideas and evoke thought on how it has shaped us and our surroundings within the past years. On one of my trips to my college, a friend of my recommended I explore the area known as “Dumbo”. I was intrigued by his experience in that area. Since then , its been stuck in the back of my head and its only been recently that the idea of exploration has come to my english classroom. We’ve been reading about how writers like Nelson George and Colson Whitehead, explain their experience this this city using vivid detail and reflecting on the idea of how their environment help mold them to the person they became known for. Once I made way up Jay St and under and overpass, I stood going down-ward unto what looked like an area that had hidden secrets all around it. It was Dumbo! To get you more acquainted with the area, Dumbo means ” Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass”.