ARTH1100, Fall2018


This war as a messenger boy has been very bad. although they say the war would be lost without me i fell like there is no hope, even though there are millions of boy’s that are in my position and get treated like dirt. so i’ve decided to end my life a little early, i thought long and hard and this is all i could think about. please don’t be mad or sad sister i love you and i hope to see you on the other side stay happy but this is a choice i made for myself. although i haven’t seen you  in 4 years i just wanted to tell you that i tried my best and for all my time working i felt like it’s my first day. the people forget my name and make me do thing’s against my will. i will make sure that i will send you all of my valuables and it could help in the long run. please don’t be mad or shocked that i am gone now i did it for the both of us.

see you soon

Love, David