ARCH2321 History of Architecture: from 1900 to Present, FA 2018

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Isaiah Triana Professor Zagaroli 10/9/2018     Q: Of the major architects covered in this and previous lecture, which one’s architecture is most like current day architecture we see around us? Give an example, defining parts of feature. One of the major architects covered who can be most related towards our current age in architecture would have to be Frank Lloyd Wright. Serving both internationalist and modern expressionist styles, Frank Lloyd Wright’s work gave new emphasis to the expression of structure, lightening of mass, and the enclosure of dynamic spaces. This here is considered what architecture is all about during this day and age. Volume is incorporated through thin planes or surfaces. Symmetry is pretty much out of the picture when it comes to designs. Finally, the use of materials, technical perfection, and finer proportions. An example of this comes from the well known Guggenheim museum. “I can see a tall building of a new type perfectly appropriate to our purpose, having monumental dignity and great beauty,” said Frank Lloyd Wright. His building created the norms to social and cultural acceptance to design such an extremely expressive museum. It almost seems as though every museum from that time on is the child of the Guggenheim museum. Frank Lloyd Wright set the standards for architecture today. From his old works until now, they still have a heavy influence on the architecture we see today.

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