ARCH1121 A World History of Architecture, SP2019 Zagaroli

Richard Liz

March 11,2019

Arch 1121

Empire State Building and Flatiron Building


The Empire State Building is the tallest building in New York City you could see the building from a mile away from where you live but also view it on the Brooklyn Bridge. The building fits with its site because it’s in the center of all the buildings around it the scale of the Empire State Building is 1,250’ but from the base to the tip of the building it is 1,454’ the material the Empire State Building use is steel the use of the building is for people working at offices. The Empire State Building has 102 Floors the first floor is the different by the upper floors because the upper floors width gets shorter.The roof of the Empire State Building is different then the other buildings in New York City by the large tip of the building. In the Empire State Buildings has more material which are 60,000 tons of steel, 200,000 cubic feet of Indiana limestone and granite, 10 million bricks, and 730 tons of aluminum and stainless steel. There’s more than one material on the building the other material are used to the points of transition between floors or at openings. The sun reflects the building by the steel it has but does not absorb it.

Flatiron Building was built on 1902 but it was the tallest building in New York the building fits with its site because of the width of the building. The Material that the Flatiron building use is steel that’s why it was called a steel frame skyscraper.   The Flatiron Building scale of the front is 190 feet wide the Fifth Avenue front is 173 feet wide, and the 22nd Street side is just short of 87 feet wide which is a large scale for a building that has only 20 floors. The base of the building is different than the upper floors because each floor has a different space and the front of the building is very thin. The roof of the Flatiron building is different than the other buildings around it because of how the building is shape has. There’s only one material of the building which is steel and the others between the floors and openings the suns does not reflect the building only absorptive because it doesn’t have the same material than the other building  

These two building have a big compare and contrast. To compare the two buildings they were the tallest building or had a history of being the tallest building in New York they are both made out of steel and they are steel skyscraper. They are both located in Manhattan which make people visit and take pictures of the building you could go in the buildings. The contrast of the both buildings is that the empire state building is taller and wider than the flatiron building. The empire state building has 102 floors while the flatiron building has only 20 floors the front of the empire building is wide and the flatirons building is very thin making it hard to see through the building. They were both stared in a movie and tv show.