ARCH1121 A World History of Architecture, SP2019 Zagaroli


Rana Saleh  

Professor  Zagaroli

A persons Uniqueness if determined by the actions and standards they hold for themselves. For

myself, I believe that my determination and strive is what makes me an exceptional person in people’s eyes.

My belief is that everyone is struggling to get through the ruins of life and are striving to get to the top to see

and appreciate its beauty. 

My Roots are in various places, and for that I am grateful. I come from a very diverse family. My

Parents are Lebanese, while my grandmother is Italian first generation, and my great grandfather is

Arminian.  I also have cousins who moved and live all around Europe and I believe that is what pushed my

passion to go into architecture, because I was always drawn to the beautiful views, I grew up seeing as a child

traveling to see my cousins and spending time with my grandparents. I hope one day to share my passions

with others around me, and get to a point where they see my work and gasp in awe like I did when I was a

child looking at the beautiful structures that those before me left.


Through the struggles and happy times, I believe I am fated to take this path. Architecture is more

than just a passion for me, it is the air I breath and I can honestly say I was blessed to find a major that

speaks to me like a symphony and makes me enjoy every hurdle in my way.