ARCH1121 A History of Architectural Technology, FA2017

BUILDING: The Pantheon
Piazza Della Rotonda, 00186 Roma RM, Italy

The Pantheon, one of the most famous architecture buildings in the world today, and favorite structure to many around the globe. Built by the Ancient Romans (113-125 AD) this landmark offers breathtaking views from the interior and exterior. This Ancient Roman structure was inspired by Greek Corinthian Architecture. It can easily accommodate large crowds for social gatherings, receptions and other large events. Its exterior is well maintained despite its old age, the appearance is majestic and structural-wise very stable. One of its main features is the dome which features an oculus 142 ft. above the ground and approximately 30 Roman ft. in diameter. This opening is the only source of light which allows for different shades of light and or rain throughout the day. Due to this engineering detail, the Pantheon could also be used as a museum which would maximize natural lighting throughout the day, allowing for better view of different types of artworks at different times of the day. As for the days where there is precipitation, throughout the floor are drain systems installed to prevent any accumulation water, snow, and any other sort you can think of. This ancient Roman structure will sure make you think about twice about investing in it, since it’s quite old and maybe a little out of the ordinary, but why be ordinary? Why be fully secluded in a normal building when you can experience something much different!