ARCH1121 A History of Architectural Technology, FA2017

Out of the three events that are occurring this week, the one that will impact me the most is the fact that I have all these classes, homework and projects to get done. Even though I am only taking four classes this semester it is still not an easy task because each class has a deadline for each thing they are handing out. I have two different architecture classes and each class is hard enough as it is alone and my other two courses which are english and math is another thing especially since i struggle in english. I do my best to do everything in an ordinary fashion, i even try to go to tutoring for english but in top of that when i come home; i come to a house filled with chores for me to do, but i do my best to get everything done. if there is one thing i learned in life, it’s that the key to succeeding in life is with time management. I’ve come to understand that i need to know how to manage my time and in order to grasp how i do this, I need to have a well thought out plan and schedule my time for everything. i have to tell myself that there is a time for everything and follow that schedule like i cant spend too much time on a specific thing; for example, i can’t spend too much time on one classes’ homework or project because i will then be wasting valuable time on another project i should also be doing. this is really important because it is an everyday thing, but not only for this week but its for the rest of the semester.

I’m not saying that the other events aren’t important but what i am saying is that a mind can only focus on so much; like if you are really focused and concentrated in one thing like a video game or something then you don’t want to get distracted or you don’t pay attention to your surroundings. this happened to me actually, if it wasn’t for this assignment i totally forgot about the 9/11 16th anniversary. my head was so caught up with all my classes and thinking what i needed to do when i got out, relating to homework and projects, that it slipped my mind. When i found out I looked at the World Trade Center site and just thought about evrything that happened and it was really emotional but i knew that i couldn’t stay long because then I’d be losing time i should be using for my project and in which i need all the time i can get. overall what’s most important to me is my studies and being able to succeed in it.