ARCH1121 A History of Architectural Technology, FA2017

The event that will impact me the most this week will be all the classes, homework, and projects I have to complete. Having work from 6 different classes can be stressful because for all of the classes each one has a deadline for the work due. Apart from being in school full time, I have to work and perform house chores as well. Time management is very important because if I spend too much time on a certain project for school, then I won’t as much time have time to do other assignments for my other classes. This makes me exhausted not only physically, but mentally as well. Managing to get enough hours of sleep, waking up early for my commute, go from class to class learning something new everyday, and then go home and do homework is very exhausting. The reason why this impacts me the most is because it’s a daily routine, not only for this week but for the following weeks as well.

The reason why other events may not seem as important, although they are is because the mind can only focus on so much. I recall looking yesterday at the WTC site after class and looked up to see the tribute in light. I thought about that day 16 years ago that changed so many lives. It was rather saddening because I was so caught up doing schoolwork that I couldn’t really have time to reflect on that tragedy. I looked up for about a minute, but then I had to keep walking towards the train station because I had to rush home and a model project for one of my architecture classes. I knew that the quicker I got home, then I would be able to start the project earlier and then hopefully finish early (I didn’t) that way I could get more hours of sleep and have energy for today.