ARCH1121 A History of Architectural Technology, FA2017

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ARCH1121 In class writing Assignment #1
Out of the three things listed, #3 ”Tomorrow you have classes to attend, homework to complete, readings yet to be read.” that’s because the other one are not thing that will affect me in a week from now, not that they aren’t important or matter to me but there are just some thing that happen in the past or that will not affect me until a later day. The other two are the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 attack in NYC, and Election day in NYC. After this week number 3 is still going to have the greatest impact on me until a much later date, i would say that much latter like 4 year from now number two is going to have a little more effect on me because i will be voting. The events of 9/11 don’t impact me as much because it was so long a go, in a time were i was only one years old and at that time i was not residing in the united states, this event did not impacted me or my close ones as much as it did the people living in the US at the time. But i thinking that as the time goes 9/11 its going to become a lot more important, i base that on the fact that we are in a age of terror. Were attacks and the act of terrorism is becoming a lot more frequent. That’s going to be some thing that might impact me in the way because one of my goals is to become an architect and if thing kip going in the same direction, I’m going to end up designing bunkers, and fallout shelters. That’s something, but for this week i think that home work and reading are more important for the time. Joel Miranda.

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