ARCH 1121 A History of Architecture……Fall 2012 Mishara

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    Harry Semertzidis

    Hello everyone, my name is Theocharys Semertzidis. People call me Harry for short. I got my name from my great grandfather. I come from a Greek background and I’m proud of it. I have several hobbies that I am very passionate about; soccer, mixed martial arts (mma), and hunting. I play soccer for a Cypriot organization called NY Pancyprian Freedoms. I have been with this organization since I was six years old. MMA has been a hobby of mine for the past five-six years. I had to stop for the last 2 years because soccer was interfering. Hunting is also a yearly activity that I love doing. I don’t love it because I kill animals but because I am with my loved ones spending time that no one else can the way hunters do. We don’t always catch something but all we look for is to have fun together! Architecture came into my life because I was basically born into it. I have a family of carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and general contractors. So the idea to combine all of these professions in one is something that I thought I can be, and be very good at it. I know what is realistic to make and what’s not. I am always prepared for a challenge.

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