Mount Hope Park.  Located in Walton ave. and 177 st. in the Bronx.

11:27 am: I got to the entrance of the park, which has double flush doors wide open and plants on both sides everywhere you walk. While I kept walking I got to the sitting area, to the left side of the park there are a 5 stories stairs and to its left an exit. If you go to the right there is a water fountain.

11:29 am: There is a big rock in the center of the park and in front of it a playground for little kids to play with slides, and swings and benches all around for parents to watch them.

11:30 am: I made a right where I could find a basketball field and a GYM, and next to it another playground, but this is is not bigger kids than the one mention before and it has big rock sorrounding it.

11:32 am: Another exit where i ended m journey into this adventure.

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