Eibs park Staten Island, 10304

-Camilla Wilson APPLIED ENVR STUDIES:                               ARCH 1250 4130 [4130]

8:05pm– Approaching the park the entrance could easily go unnoticed. An array of thick evergreens surround the park completely covering what appears to be a welcome sign.

8:07pm– The entrance to the park is defined only by an opening in the trees which reveals a path of wood chip, to the left and right of the wood chip trail is unkempt plant life.

8:10pm– About 2 minutes into following the trail there is an opening which exposes a marsh and a sturdy square wooden platform along the edge(directly ahead)looking further past the marsh there is a thick array of trees and trails masking the homes in the distance. To the left is a trail that hugs the edge of the marsh. The marsh is about the size of a football field.  To the right is damp ground and what appears to be plant life which is native to marshes, this this direction is uninviting.

8:13pm– Walking left, the trail begins to disappear into the bushes .water lillys and Narrow-Leaved Cattail begin to take over the marsh. Where the straight trail seems to end there is a bridge to the right which leads to the other side. The bridge has no rails , just a single wooden bench on the middle right hand side of the three foot walkway. The bench offers limited view to the marsh for there are wetland plants that rise above 6 .

8:20pm– directly off the bridge three different trails become exposed and children are playing on a hill covered in mud and short grass. The hill is steep and at the top there is a fence that separates the park from residential homes.  From here I can see my house and am able to climb the hill and go over the fence which I do, to avoid the journey back to the entrance.

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