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My name is Aliya Abdikarimova. I came to America five years ago from Kazakhstan in the hopes of living the American dream and living in the land of the free. I do not have any family members living in America, I came here completely on my own and I must accomplish my dreams of becoming a contributing member of society as I build my new life in the USA. I hope to attain my goals of graduating from New York College of Technology, obtaining a job as a hotel manager and finding the right person to start a family with in the near future. Additionally, I feel that I must make my parents very proud of me as they have sacrificed everything in order to send me to America and give me a chance at a better life.

I just transferred from Kingsborough Community College with a degree in Liberal Arts. In the future I would like to have the tourism-related business.

I hope to be an asset to Hospitality Management as I am sure that the college experience will be an asset to me in my life and in achieving my future goals.
Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. I look forward to our future relationship.

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