ADGA ePortfolio Initiative

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ADGA ePortfolio Initiative
This Project is OPEN.
Technology & Design
Project Description

To research and coordinate the implementation of student ePortfolios in ADGA courses.

Please join this project if you would like to participate!

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First Year Foundation student’s ePortfolios

Hello all! Hope you had a wonderful semester. Please add a link to your OpenLab course here so we can take a look at all the First Year Foundation student’s ePortfolios, evaluate, and discuss what to aim for for next s […] See MoreFirst Year Foundation student’s ePortfolios

ePortfolio Expectations in Foundation Courses

Hi All! Post ADGA Boot Camp, I'd like to define what the expectation is this semester for faculty using ePortfolios in the Foundation Courses: Graphic Design Principles 1 Type & Media Raster Vector Graphic Communications Wkshp I have a […] See MoreePortfolio Expectations in Foundation Courses

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NOTES + References

Jan 2014 ADGA Boot Camp NOTES: ePortfolios will be piloted in the following Freshman Foundation Courses: ADV1100 (Learning Blog + Classwork Documentation) ADV1167 (Classwork Documentation) ADV1162 (Classwork Documentation + L […] See MoreNOTES + References