36 hours report #1

My name is Norma Rivera and my ultimate future goal is to own not one but any hotels all under my name. I realize this is a hue goal for anyone not to mention for a girl with hardly any money in her pocket but the great thing about dreams is they are allowed to be as big as you want them to be.

I have no experience yet working in the hospitality industry but the few memoriesĀ I have in Hotels have truly inspired me to pursue a career in Hospitality. Growing up in the slums of New York is never a fun experience for anyone but they were especially hard for someone like me who loved everything to do with fantasy stories and happy endings. But there were no happy endings in Lower Brooklyn back in those days. So when my Aunt Carmen came into my life for the first time at around age 7 or 8 and offeredĀ me a trip to Canada I was beyond happy. It was my chance to escape. The journey would take hours in a small car with no AC and just when I was abut to start throwing a tantrum, we arrived at a little hotel by the highway. I remember running through the front doors, feeling the fresh cool air conditioning, having nice ladies approach me right away, and treats being given right at the door. I remember the room we stood in being bigger then my whole apartment home at the time. I remember the food being the best I’ve ever eaten. My experience at that hotel was the best part of the whole trip. I’ve had a few more experiences with hotels since and they were all great but none as special as the first time.

This memory may seem trivialĀ to some but to me its everything. Its my fuel that keeps me going strong for my goal of a career in the hospitality business.

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