36 hours report #1

Hospitality Homework #2


Prof. Terrance R. Dinan


norma Rivera




September 19, 2014


  1. The most famous hospice is the Hospice de Beaune in the Burgundy region of France, also called the Hotel Dieu or the house of God. It was founded as a charity hospital in the 1443 by Nicolas Rolin, the chancellor of Burgundy, as a refuge of the poor. Early development of the hospitality industry began as early as 4,500 years B.C.E by the Sumerians who lived in what is now Iraq.
  2. A few of the many characteristics for hospitality are:

–          To help people learn and grow.

–          To be the best we can.

–          To successfully please our customers.

–          Our guest input is needed.

  1. There are hundreds of career options to consider in the hospitality industry. Here’s a brief list of options we can choose from:

–          General Manager

–          Director of operations

–          Front office manager

–          Assistant front office manager

–          Housekeeping

–          Front desk agent

–          Restaurant server

–          Kitchen station cook

  1. Corporate philosophy embraces the values of the organization including ethics, morals, fairness and equality. It’s taking the philosophy of “whatever it takes” over “it’s not my job.”

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