2017 Spring – MAT 2680 Differential Equations – Reitz

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    The advice i would give to anyone who is taking a math course (even to myself) is to study hard and do the homework because it helps a lot. Coming from some one who is taking differential and its not really that good in math, its in your best interest to study the materials as best to your ability as possible. Not everyone can be good at everything, and there is no problem that i see where if your stuck at something you don’t understand: seeking help its the number one thing you should do. From asking help from a classmate or seeing the professor after class to help solve a problem are ways you (and i) can better our self’s in understanding hard problems. Even watching YouTube videos in tutorials can help you study in those last minutes where you feel stuck at a problem. Spending more time solving problem or the same problems can make wonders where you could find or remember easy steps to help you solve even harder problems later on.

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