2016-2017 Opening Gateways Faculty Seminar

 MAT 1275 OG Fellows Topics List (Draft):

Ezra Halleck: Quadratic Formula and graphing

Holly Carley: Integer and Rational Exponents, simplifying radial expressions (Session 1A, 4 & 5)

Ariane Masuda: Trig Equations, Trig Identities?

Sybil Shaver: Trig Equations, Trig Identities?

Lucie Mingla: Complex Numbers.The square root property and completing the square.

Suman Ganguli: Compound Interest, rational and integer exponents

Lori Younge: Radical Equations and Quadratic Equations

Edison Teano: Quadratic and Exponential Functions

Laura Liang: Complex Fractions

Olga Ghosh:  Angle Measure in Radian

Pedro Mujica: Trig Equations, Factoring Review