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Painting with Light

  From the Collection of photographs taken for the day this particular image was the best. The composition created between the shape of light and the placement of her hands make for a well directed photograph. In addition the subjects focus is … Continue reading

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Best Portrait Photo

This photograph stood out to be because of the unique perspective from which it was taken. The quarter is slightly out of focus and very close the to camera lens. From this perspective the quarter seems larger than his head. … Continue reading

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Portrait Photo

Best portrait photos of the day

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Sebastiao Salgado Climate change

Currently featured at the International Center for Photography (ICP) is a show by Sebastiao Salgado on the topic of climate change. The collection of photographs is entitled “Genesis.” This collection of images attempts to call to our attention the state … Continue reading

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Shallow Depth of Field

Depth of field is the distance between the nearest and farthest objects in a scene. In photograph represents a shallow depth of field. The lens is zoomed in all the way and focused on the green apple in the center, excluding … Continue reading

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Learning Log #2 (Best Image)

From the series of photographs taken on September 4th, 2014, this image was selected because it represents a variety of visual and lighting effects. The photo was taken from an oblique perspective and takes advantage of the surrounding lighting to … Continue reading

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Scott Markowitz Homework 1: Photo Description

This photograph taken by Dawoud Bey is named “Kathy Anderson and Jarrett Lampley” Titled after the woman and young boy featured in the picture. This is from a series of photographs called “Strangers/Community” The expression on the faces of the subjects evokes a powerful … Continue reading

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High Key Contrast (scott markowitz)

The vocabulary word which was least familiar to me was high key contrast. A high key contrast image consists of mostly light tones. The image I’ve selected to represent high key contrast comes from the 2013 World Press website. The picture … Continue reading

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