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Best Portrait 2 – Chris

This is a glamor shot taken with soft light. It portrays the subject’s features in a flattering way due to its exposure.

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Best Photo – Chris

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Lighting Direction – Chris Gabriel

This sunflower was shot using an extension tube with soft lighting. I feel it’s my best photo only because it shows the details of the petals more so than the center of the the flower. This flower is a flower

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ICP Exhibit – Sebastiao Selgado

Upon entering the exhibit, the first thing you see is text explaining the concept of Selgado’s exhibit partnered with a photograph of a land mass surrounded by water. I was slightly taken aback by the paragraph; dealing with the theme … Continue reading

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Chris – Flower

This flower is shot with shallow depth of field, making it so that the background is blurry and the subject is fully focused.  

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Fruit Vendor

  Look at this man. Look at his fruits. Here is my attempt at rule of thirds. This is my favorite picture taken on September 11th due to the fact that he seemed a little hesitant to take the photo, … Continue reading

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Christopher Gabriel – HOMEWORK #1 One picture in particular in Thomas Ludlow’s “The Lams of Ludlow Street” captures one of many elements in graffiti culture, depicting a door with tags in various handstyles. Letters are uniquely stylized that give each tag its own form … Continue reading

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