Sharlene Parra HW 1 – photo description

The photo called “Four Children on Lenox Avenue, 1977 ” which is photographed by Dawoud Bey. This photo shows four children who are standing, which they seem to be waiting for somebody. Perhaps the four children are siblings and they are waiting for a parent or for some friends. The siblings seem to be headed somewhere, perhaps they are going or coming out of school since they each have a bag and one of the children has a notebook in her hand. They are also dressed in a uniform. The mood that the photo gives off seems busy and impatient. Two girls are busy doing something. They are looking down, possibly trying to fix themselves. While the other two children look impatient as they are looking for someone to come, weather it is their mother, father, or a friend.

Dawoud Bey uses visual elements such as a high contrast tone, especially since the photograph is in black and white. It has a high contrast tone because it has both dark and areas. The photograph is also diffused because there are hardly and shadows. The focus of the photograph is sharp overall. The photographer’s viewpoint is eye-level because even though they are looking away, their heads are towards the camera.  The line of the photo is vertical because the children are standing straight. The photos perspective is shallow space because the children and objects are close together in depth. Each visual element gives the photo movement and it shows what an average kid is like as they go to school or when they come out of school. The photo also shows how the neighborhood, which is Harlem is.  It shows that Harlem is quite relaxed, as the children are outside alone with no adult. There is also a guy in the background who is just sitting down on the doorsteps.

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