Hey, my name is Ginamarie. I just graduated highschool in June of 2012. I attended Tottenville Highschool. My school offered a variety of different areas to study. Dentistry caught my eye. Throughout three years there I studied Dental Hygiene and Restoritive Dentistry. In my senior year we had to choose between the two classes. Restoritve dentistry seemed to intrest me more. I like that you can have your own style and be creative when your working on teeth. I believe that everyone is creative and has a different way of showing it. I now attend New York City College Of Technology and i am in enrolled in the Restoritive Dentistry program. I hope to learn more each day from this program so I will be able to succeed in getting a job. I just keep in mind each day, if you dont like what you are doing then find something else, because you want to enjoy something your going to be doing for the rest of your life. Im glad that I enjoy this profession and I can definitely see myself doing it in the future.