Co-Directors Susan Phillip and Jason Montgomery welcome you to the Living Lab General Education Seminar home page!

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2023 Seminar


We  invite you to apply for our next Living Lab General Education Seminar which will take place during Winter 2023 intercession, helping you sharpen your General Education skills to enhance student learning in your courses.

Meetings schedule

Our 2023 seminar will be held online using Zoom from 9 am to 12 pm. We hope, weather-permitting, to have one in-person meeting that will focus on Place-Based Learning. Our dates are*:

      • Meeting 1: Introduction –  Tuesday, January 3
      • Meeting 2: Open Digital Pedagogy – Thursday, January 5
      • Meeting 3: Assessment – Tuesday, January 10
      • Meeting 4: Place-Based Learning – Thursday, January 12
      • Meeting 5: Individual or small-group meeting to guide the participants in their assignment/project development or re-design – Tuesday, January 17
      • Meeting 6: Final Presentations – Thursday, January 19

*please note: all scheduled meetings must be attended. If any participant will have to miss any of the meetings, they will be asked to withdraw from the seminar and will be invited for the next cycle


Our general education focus  for this seminar will coincide with the 2023-24 AIRE General Education Assessment and we ask participants to select one of the following Student Learning Goals:

      • Creative Thinking
      • Foundations and Skills for Life Long Learning
      • Inquiry and Analysis
      • Integrative Learning
      • Intercultural Knowledge and Competence

Participants will re-design an existing project or assignment or create a new one targeting one of these selected student goals. Participants will implement the assignment in Spring 2023 and share the results of their implementation along with their assignment/project on L4: Living Lab Learning Library. Completion of these deliverables will be acknowledged by a Certificate of Participation in the seminar and, for our PT participants, a stipend (18 hours at their non-teaching rate). FT faculty’s participation and completion of the seminar is considered important and valued department service towards enhancing General Education in disciplines.

*please note: if participants are not able to implement their activity in Spring 2023 due to not teaching the course for which an activity will be created, then they will submit their reflection on General Education Seminar participation to the co-directors, along with the L4 post of the proposed activity 


Our application to the 2023 General Education seminar is here: 2023 Gen Ed Seminar Application

The application is due Wednesday, November  9. Please email us using the ‘contact us’ form if you have any questions or would like more information!

We hope you consider applying for this important opportunity to develop your General Education teaching and to contribute to the rich General Education culture on our campus.

We look forward to your participation!

Susan and Jason