Walt Disney World Parks and Resorts                                       06/13 – 01/14

Pinocchio Village Haus
– Ensured that safety and quality standards were met
– Learned how to work well under pressure at the third busiest restaurant in the Walt Disney Company

The Meatball Shop                                                                  08/12 – 05/13

Food Runner
– Assisted the servers with running food and beverages to tables as well as assisting the bus staff
– Building team work

Aqua Grille                                                                              05/06 – 08/11

– Took food and drink orders, as well as mastering my timing technique
– Took and made orders, assisted with opening and closing the restaurant
– Assisted fellow co-workers when needed, thus building team work as well as a higher turnover rate of
– Took phone reservations as well as maintaining a book of reservations and being careful not to over book
– Responded to customer complaints in a timely and professional manner
Bus Boy
– Provided basic table service, from filling the guests water glass and bringing them a basket of bread to
clearing the plates from the table at the appropriate time and ending it with cleaning and resetting the