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Visual Quote Project

The quote I chose is “If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it” by Michael Jordan.

Quote Project 1 PDF

Here I tried to add more emphasis on certain words in the quote to make them appear stronger. For example in “Working” I created a gray rock type of texture to be the background. This was because obviously rocks are hard and work had be associated with toughness/hardness.  I also created a spotlight to go with the word “It” to demonstrate this was the end goal. “It” is was you would be working so hard to reach. I chose to design the visuals of the quote this way because when someone really wants something, they don’t stop thinking about it. This means they should go and work hard for it. I wanted to create visuals for certain words to show the impact they truly have.


Quote Project 2 PDF

For this poster I wanted to create a vector of someone you can associate with working, such as a business man. Since the quote itself is “If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it.” , I decided I wanted to create a thought bubble to show that is what the business man has on him mind. I used the font Coolevtica because I felt it had a certain boldness and strength to it that makes it pop out and put emphasis on the meaning of the quote. I further increased the boldness of “Thinking” and “Working” to show those have the most impact in the quote.


Quote Project 3 PDF

For this poster, I really liked the idea of creating a scenario where I could portray the goal as the word “It” on top of a mountain. I did this to show how far away the goal is and how difficult it might be, but if you are dedicated, you can reach it. I used the font LemonMilk because I felt it was appropriate with the design style. I purposely chose to position the kid looking up at “It”. I feel that is a strong element to my poster. I also made the text lead up to the final word so the viewer can make the path over the mountains leading up to the goal. Once again I emphasized “Stop, Thinking, and It” because they are the most important words.


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