Spring 2019 Mid – Semester Reflection

Any new skills or techniques you have learned in the first half of this semester?

Throughout the semester I started working more with Illustrator. I had never really used Illustrator as much as I have used Indesign so it was definitely a challenge. I learned different tricks to quickening my workflow. I was also working heavily in AfterEffects this semester as well. I am working on a motion-graphics based promotional video for WAC so good knowledge on how to work around programs like Aftereffects and Illustrator ensures that I am using my time effectively. I will definitely be spending the remainder of the semester learning new techniques to not only get the results I want, but to also make sure I’m not wasting anytime getting there.

How well have you been able to juggle your work here at FC and classes? Is there more you feel that you can do?

I think part of being able to juggle FC and classes is being able to have time for yourself. While I do believe that I have been juggling work and school I don’t think I have had ample time for myself. Early in the semester I think I suffered from a creative burnout. I couldn’t think of any ideas for my midterm project, let alone with work. I usually pride myself in coming up with good ideas so this burnout in turn lowered my motivation to do anything, creative wise. Next time around I will definitely try to make room not only for work, but also for myself. I want to start by being more proactive and not waiting until the night of to finish my work. I also want to start breaking down the projects into parts that I distribute throughout the week so I don’t feel so overwhelmed with work. It’s not something I can guarantee but it’s definitely something I will focus on.

What are your goals that you would like to accomplish by the end of the semester?

I want to consider myself decent with Illustrator. I don’t want to hesitate to open the program, let alone use the program only when I need to. I also want to make sure that I don’t suffer from creative burnout again. So I will be working hard to use my time more effectively. This aligns with learning how to use Illustrator because I want to be able to execute what I want quickly and effectively.

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