End of Semester Reflection

• Now that your (semester/college career) is over what are some goals that you plan to work toward this summer?
My big overall goal is to get back into illustration full time by drawing daily and attending more figure classes to get my skill up. I’m going to work on new projects, both full illustration pieces and short comics, in my free time while hopefully working in a design job.
• Looking back at (this past semester/your time) at FC,

1. What is one of the best experiences you had working here?

Meeting everyone at FC! I’ve made so many new, great, and talented friends and seen us all grow that friendship together. I know it will go far, past graduation, and I couldn’t ask for a better team to work with. I’m going to miss us all being in the office together.

2. What is one thing that could have been done to improve your experience working here?

There was issues when it came to editing previous projects to reflect new information, especially when there were multiple aspects to the job with the client. Perhaps a project list for the clients that we know have multiple parts to help lessen confusion on what needs to be done for the next designer taking it on.

And just slightly, issues with space in the office. It can tend to feel cramped, especially when there’s meetings which can throw us off a bit I think.

• For those graduating, what words of encouragement or advice would you give to the upcoming designers at Faculty Commons?
If you’re taking a lot of classes or graduating, and it’s conflicting with work, speak up! Your team and Prof. Jordan are there to help you figure it out so all sides are handled. They are your support group, so don’t be afraid to say something. Always offer help in return when you can.
If you’re new, welcome! Try to push each project to have an aspect of you in it. Don’t just look to what was done before, but what can be improved on and what would make a good portfolio piece for you.

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