Spring 2018 Mid Semester Questions

Have you come across any challenging projects this semester, whether it was a class project or a project with FC? How did you accomplish the project?
The most challenging project I’ve had to face (and am currently facing) is my senior project. So far I have been able to make strides at achieving small goals towards my project, however, I still have a long way to go. How I plan to continue to make progress in my project is to explore all options while simultaneously being critically selective of my choices—easier said than done. I also will continue to seek the advice and guidance of my fellow designers for second opinions for when my attachment to the project has blind sided my ability to be objective towards my goal.
What project(s) did you enjoy working on thus far during this semester?
I don’t think I can narrow it down to a single project, however, the work I’ve enjoyed doing has been for OER (Open Educational Resources). I’ve covered a wide range of projects for them including both printed and digital materials, and even some with animation. I’ve also got to experience what it is like to license my work using creative commons. As we are preparing for the gallery display in the library at the end of April, I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.
How have the projects you have worked on in FC aligned with your professional career goals?
I would have to say that working in FC has given me to ability to challenge myself in exploring new ways of executing my ideas. For example, creating animations for some of the projects I have worked on has broaden my perspective of the possibilities of what I can do with design. This experience of being able to challenge myself in discovering other creative outlets allows me to become a multifaceted designer and as I develop into a professional designer, I want to be able to have a versatile set of skills in my repertoire.

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