Training Day 6 – Ashley Valera – January 18th

What did you learn today?

Today I learned even with a group things can be hard to decided upon. A lot of people on a team can sometimes mean more ideas being developed and then making it harder to decided on things. Like today with the logo, there were so many options we could have went with but we went with what works and would make the most sense. It’s good to be open minded about what could be done, but again with the time, it was important that we got to a decision even if we felt we could work on it more.

What were your challenges?

There was defiantly a time challenge again today, with deciding on the logo and the final look. There was also a hard time with choosing color so it helped that we decided to hold off on it, and just continue on with producing the deliverables we set. In order to make sure we have content to present for tomorrow, we’ll have to finish all the details in our own time tonight. Personally I had trouble with being tired coming in today, but having people to help in the decision making made up, keeping me awake and involved in the project.

How did you help each other?

Thankfully everyone was open to other ideas besides their own, so it turned into a collaboration of ideas to help us get to our final logo. Since we all have to finish working on our parts of the project tonight, we all made sure to be on the same page with what’s needed. Everyone has the files for everything and making sure to send Arianna what we have by tonight will help with having some of the presentation done for the morning.

What are your expectations for the semester?

I hope by the end of the semester that I can get a better understanding of what it’s like to work with a team. How to handle clients both alone and with others. Overall I’m really looking forward to having people I can turn to during difficulties with projects or clients. I think being part of a team will help creatively as well. I also hope that I can push myself design wise from seeing how others work.

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