The Design Process

1 Brief

The element I chose off the periodic table was Cobalt. I plan on making a on book cover that pays homage to the discoverer of the element and its origin. I plan to have this designed to print.

2 Research

From my research on the element I was able to find out cobalt is a metal that was discovered by Georg Brandt. It’s name came from the German word, Kobald, which means goblin. It is silvery-blue and number 27 on the periodic table. It is used for magnets and jet engines.

3 Concepts

-All text in German because of the element’s name of origin

-Title: Cobalt, the goblin; Wordplay between the element and it’s name of origin

– Author: Georg Brandt; use the discover of the element as the author for the book

-Use Germany’s national bird as a logo for the publishing company

-Have metal crystals at bottom of page to directly represent the element

-Use black letter or edgy fonts to convey  vintage look of book cover

-Use scroll texture to convey medieval look

4 Sketches


5 Execution

I initially started this project working on a 11 in. x 8.5 in. canvas and then decided to change it to 13.5 in. x 10.25 in. canvas.  I did this because it was looking more like a poster instead of an actual book cover.  I used Metal Mania for the Header on the front and Georgia for the rest of the text on the design. I used images off Google such as the scroll texture for the background, barcode, German eagle, and metal crystals. I made a .5 gutter for the spine. I stuck to using a blue color palette for the text because that is the color of the element. I created the bodycopy myself in English, then I translated it into German.

Cobalt Book Cover

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