Lab 2

In this lab, we were supposed to do different things. first off, we had to write a program that could do the following:

1-    The sum y

2-    The difference x – y

3-    The product x * y

4-    The quotient x/y

5-    The remainder x%y

6-    Whether x is less than, equal, or greater than y

I had  A LOT of problems making this, a lot of errors, such as misspelling commands and not properly indenting the sentences when I used the ‘else’ commands.



#Eridson Trinidad
#Lab 2 – Control Flow
#Date: 2/26/13

#I am asking the user to give me values for ‘x’ and ‘y’

x = input(‘Enter the value for x: ‘)
y = input(‘Enter the value for y: ‘)
#I am now asking the user for what selections they want
#The selections are
#sum of x+ y
#different x – y
#product x*y
#quotient x/y
#remainder x%y
#whether x is less than, equal, or greater than y

print (‘input 1 to find the sum of x and y’)
print (‘input 2 to find the difference of x and y’)
print (‘input 3 to find the product x and y’)
print (‘input 4 t find the quotient of x and y’)
print (‘input 5 to find the remainder of x and y’)
print (‘input 6 to find the quotient of x and y’)
print (‘input 7 to find out whether x is less than, equal, or greater than y’)


z = input(‘enter what operation you want to do: ‘)


#I am now telling the program what to do when the user inputs a number

if z==1:
result = x + y
print ‘The sum of ‘,x, ‘and’,y, ‘is ‘,result
elif z==2:
result = x – y
print ‘the difference between ‘,x, ‘and’ ,y, ‘is ‘,result
elif z==3:
result = x * y
print ‘the product of’,x, ‘and’,y, ‘is ‘,result
elif z==4:
result = x / y
print ‘the quotient of ‘,x, ‘and’,y, ‘is ‘,result
elif z==5:
result = x % y
print ‘The remainder of ‘,x, ‘and’,y, ‘is ‘,result
elif z==6:
if x > y:
print ‘The number’,x, ‘is greatern than ‘,y
elif x < y:
print ‘The number’,x, ‘is less than ‘,y
print ‘The number’,x, ‘is equal to ‘,y