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Summer Internship Journal Blog 4

As I go into the real world, having this internship experience was good for me to start as a professional. I have learned throughout my internship: Communication, Independence, Graphic skills(Photoshop and illustrator), and SEO Google Analytic skills. I am always scared to talk to someone. This internship has built my communication effectively to translate ideas and convey information with my supervisor and stakeholders.

I am glad that I took an analytic class back in 2019, knowing a little Google analytics/traffic was required. I think that is the reason why I get hired. Analytics platforms will be most valuable in the graphic design field. I can track things like website activity, page session duration, pages per session, audience bounce rate, etc. Along with the information, I have to make a report to my supervisor. 

Of course, there will be mistakes I have made and receive criticism about my work from both my supervisor and stakeholder. It is pretty scary, and I remind myself not to take it personally. It is for our good and growth. It will improve the quality of work. This internship has taught me to make my own decisions and do things independently, yet working independently is very important. Therefore, I also consider myself pretty good at multitasking and stay busy. I always had multiple items on my to-do list. 

Since I am working in the healthcare system as a designer, I may meet with stakeholders through google meet or zoom meeting to understand the vision and direction. They will communicate their needs, ideas, and any other materials. I may have to create a website mock-up and ask their opinions. Mainly they focus on more images and deliver messages. I am nowhere near an expert. However, I am leaving with more knowledge than I came with. I can create emails, website articles, graphics, social media posts, optimizing SEO, and google analytic reports. Another aspect that I learned throughout my internship is never to be afraid to ask lots of questions. 

Summer Internship Journal Blog 3

The culture of the workplace is great. I see some of my colleagues have a good work ethic. They maintain themselves to high standards, focus on delivering quality service, and strive to innovate and continuously improve the company. They are helpful, fun, supportive whenever I need them. I do see myself growing here.

In our dress code, all employees require more formal attire. I usually wear a fitted blouse, long pants or a long skirt with heels or flats. However, the weather is kind of getting hot. I have changed it to light fabric and still look professional. Our Friday will be a bit casual attire. We could wear jeans and a polo t-shirt.   

I would say that our work office station is decent. Each employee has their desk, two computer screens, a shared kitchen, lunch area, and conference rooms: a pretty typical business atmosphere and a safe workplace. Employees can reach out to each other and the boss quickly. We could pick either from 9 am – 5 pm, or 10 am – 6 pm for the work hour. However, most employers usually give 1 hour for lunch. Therefore, lunch is pay. 

Summer Internship Journal Blog 2

My role in this company is as an SEO specialist/ Graphic Designer. I remember the first few weeks here at CAIPA MSO have been fascinating; at the same time, I was struggling to understand my role here and what exactly CAIPA does. The first three weeks were overwhelming in a lot of ways and due to all the remote. Then I started to see a clear picture and potential of this company. 

My first task was working with a web developer to think of a design plan for the website layout and concept. Since I have two roles here and try not to be overwhelming, I have broken my time into three parts, research, analyze and prepare a report on google analytics in the morning. After that, I optimize SEO for the existing WordPress and social media images and perform other design projects or duties when required. 

The objective in this internship was to require writing skill, communication skill(ask a lot of question, how to present and defend the design idea at stakeholder meeting), editing skill, knowing how to use software applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, Google Analytics(customizing the report on dashboard), good eyes in details in the design, create visual content to communicate massage(health awareness topic), apply visual hierarchy, etc. 

Since accepting a new job, I’ve been waiting for two months. I understand the pandemic situation, and everything was running slow. I was reached out by HR back in November 2020. She scheduled me for the first round of phone interviews. The interview lasted approximately 40 minutes to discuss my background. Then the second interview was with the supervisor. The second interview took me around two hours. I was assigned some exams to test my skill sets. I passed it and asked for the third-round interview. Then the last interview was to determine the salary, and I have to give a salary range. 


Here is the Website I have designed, still not the finished version. 

Website link: 

Summer Internship Journal Blog 1

Hi everyone, my name is Erica. I am currently interning at CAIPA MSO, an Asian community-based healthcare company, as a graphic designer/SEO specialist. Through my research, CAIPA MSO is to help other healthcare providers succeed in challenging the healthcare environment. Their focus is helping provider members to optimize their revenue and expand more partnerships. 

Why is it called CAIPA? CAIPA stands for Chinese American Independent Practice Association, and it was founded by a group of physicians with over 25 years of experience in community-based primary care. The company office has three locations; two are in downtown Manhattan, and one is in Flushing, Queens. Company size 160 – 200 workers. 

We have 12 departments. Each department specializes in each thing. I am currently in the IT department, and our team has only 5 of us, Sam, William, Wei, Daisy, and me. The article I found in this company is they have certified “Great Place to Work” the certification is rated based on a Trust Model, and it shows 90% of team members that believe it is a great place to work for the company.


Company Website link:

Welcome !

Hi! I’m Erica.

I am a multidisciplinary designer based in New York.

I am passionate about bringing ideas to life through research and always striving to learn and grow.