My role in this company is as an SEO specialist/ Graphic Designer. I remember the first few weeks here at this company have been fascinating; at the same time, I was struggling to understand my role here and what exactly this company does. The first three weeks were overwhelming in a lot of ways and due to all the remote. Then I started to see a clear picture and potential of this company. 

My first task was working with a web developer to think of a design plan for the website layout and concept. Since I have two roles here and try not to be overwhelming, I have broken my time into three parts, research, analyze and prepare a report on google analytics in the morning. After that, I optimize SEO for the existing WordPress and social media images and perform other design projects or duties when required. 

The objective in this internship was to require writing skill, communication skill(ask a lot of question, how to present and defend the design idea at stakeholder meeting), editing skill, knowing how to use software applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, Google Analytics(customizing the report on dashboard), good eyes in details in the design, create visual content to communicate massage(health awareness topic), apply visual hierarchy, etc. 

Since accepting a new job, I’ve been waiting for two months. I understand the pandemic situation, and everything was running slow. I was reached out by HR back in November 2020. She scheduled me for the first round of phone interviews. The interview lasted approximately 40 minutes to discuss my background. Then the second interview was with the supervisor. The second interview took me around two hours. I was assigned some exams to test my skill sets. I passed it and asked for the third-round interview. Then the last interview was to determine the salary, and I have to give a salary range.