A Message from the ESOL Tutoring Lab – Fall 2020

The ESOL Lab is using Google Account.

You will need to use your own google account, and if you don’t have it, please open an account.

STEPS to joining the Tutoring Program:

  1. Go to this link to join the class: https://classroom.google.com/c/MTY3ODIxODY1NzMz?cjc=w5end3k .
  2. Please sign up for this class BEFORE the day of your appointment.


For Monday Tutoring at 11am – 1pm with Prof. Gertzog go to this link: https://meet.google.com/vka-fgwt-qrh

For Tuesday Tutoring at 6 – 8pm with Prof. Chajet go to this link: https://meet.google.com/ozb-ujwy-hhw

For Thursday Tutoring at 11am – 1pm with Prof. Ait-Ziane go to this link: https://meet.google.com/yac-vsmm-xts

Please use fill out this intake form before your first tutoring session: https://form.jotform.com/202614602234039

Thank you!

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