HW 1 – View Completions

Homework 1: Orthographic Projection Completions

Orthographic projection is one of the most basic principles of technical drafting. It allows us to show complex three-dimensional shapes in two dimensions. Drafters need to be able to quickly generate accurate two-dimensional drawings, and all theatre professionals need to be able to read these drawings and visualize three-dimensional objects.

The Details

For this assignment, you will be supplying the missing views for some objects.  This will give you practice creating and interpreting multi-view drawings.

Checklist for your reference:

  • Make a copy of the file “ENT 2200 – Homework 1.dwg”
    • Rename the file “ENT 2200 – Homework 1.[Your Initials].dwg”
  • Supply the missing view in each of the 12 boxes in the drawing
  • Be sure to put your lines on the correct layers
    • Visible object lines go on “R-Object Outline”
    • Hidden lines go on “R-Object Lines-Hidden”
    • All construction lines go on “R-Construction”
  • DO NOT delete your construction lines
  • Turn in your file
  • Turn in your assignment sheet with your name on it

Skills to Practice

The most important skill to learn from this assignment is how to use construction lines and the miter line transfer method to complete missing views. This is a fundamental skill for drafting, and if not mastered will seriously limit your ability to read and produce drawings.

You should also begin practicing good file management techniques, by keeping your lines in the correct layers and using the correct drawing commands to achieve your goals. Functions to master: line, xline, object snaps, object properties, object snap projection, polar tracking.