Learn more about Digital Audio

For those of you interested in seeing the rest of the digital audio video from today, you can check it out here: https://youtu.be/cIQ9IXSUzuM

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Study the Glossary at FilmSound.org! Plus: Cool Sound Design Videos

Remember to study the glossary of terms on the right hand column of filmsound.org. Any or all of these terms may show up on the Quiz.

If you’d like a repeat viewing of the behind-the-scenes Wall-E sound design video with Ben Burtt, click here.

For more clips, including the Jurassic World sound design video we saw, check out The SoundWorks Collection.

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First Assignment: Watch Video and Make Note of Sound Design

Welcome to class!

The first assignment is a very easy one. Please watch the following clip from the film Wall-E (it’s only 1:19 long) and notate instances of sound design throughout, just like we did in class:


Please mark at least 15 instances of sound added to the picture. Include the time, what the sounds is, and — where appropriate — any special purpose you think that sound may serve. Please have this list available in class on Wednesday.

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