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Course Description:

A survey of hazards specifically associated with working in theatres, performance venues, fabrication shops and live performances.  Topics include potentially toxic chemicals, vapors, fumes and ventilation; shop conditions and working attitudes; proper preparation and planning; hazards associated with welding; and fire and life safety codes that relate to working in live entertainment.


  1. Overview of Safety in the workplace
  2. Risk and material hazards
  3. Labels
  4. Safety data Sheets
  5. Personnel protection equipment and safe lifting techniques
  6. Respirators and Air Contaminants
  7. Ventilation
  8. Solvents
  9. Paint and dyes
  10. Adhesives and plastics
  11. Shop safety and tool safety
  12. Electrical safety
  13. Fall Safety
  14. Atmospheric effects


Learning outcomes
After taking this class, the student will be able to…
Evaluate materials by using a Safety Data Sheet
Choose appropriate Personnel Protection Equipment  for a given task.
Identify common hazards in the workplace.
Identify safe routes out of performance venue
Describe safe working practices for theatrical shops and on stage.