Health Risk

Health risks surrounding 5g can be truly terrifying in terms of risk. These health concerns are caused by the high radio frequencies that give off radiation causing many different effects not only to humans but also the environment and ecosystem. For example some risk researched caused by 5g include increased risk of blindness, impact on the immune system cells, it can even cause damage to the ecosystem impacting insects such as bees and other insects that are pollinators.

Physicians Issue Warnings

Beatrice Golomb, MD, PhD, in her letter during California’s battle over SB694 wrote “Mechanisms by which health effects are exerted have been shown to include oxidative stress, damage to mitochondria, damage to cell membranes, and via these mechanisms, an impaired blood brain barrier, constriction of blood vessels and impaired blood flow to the brain, and triggering of autoimmune reactions.” This bill would have abolished the implementation of 5g across the state.