Tips for Revising Memoir

As you work on these with critique and advice from your peers, keep in mind the following revision techniques:

Read the whole version out loud and ask yourself:

  • Does the memoir have the overall effect I am seeking from my audience? Is there a section that needs more dimension or detail?
  • Description: how has at least one character changed through the course of the memoir? Can I add details about the setting?
  • Language: where is the language unclear? Are there paragraphs?
  • What do you like most about your memoir? How can you emphasize these strengths even  more?

You can also draw ideas for revision using these questions from memoir materials on Purdue OWL:

  1. Why was this event of particular significance?
  2. What did it mean?
  3. Why is it important?

Memoir is power! You are giving shape to your own life story. As we discussed in our session on Writing Your Life in Chapters, writing memoir has been shown to improve self-esteem because you are giving yourself agency over your own, growing life story.

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