How the Story of Oscar Schindler Came to Be Known

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Just a brief follow up to our conversation tonight about Oscar Schindler. The book, Schindler’s Ark, which we read the prologue to, came to be written and then championed by Poldek Pfefferberg, who is represented in the film as the young man who was the only one who would trade with Schindler and then later got married in the camp. See below for more information.,aged%2087%2C%20in%20Beverly%20Hills.



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My name is Patrick Corbett and I am your professor for ENG 2400. You can find my official college bio here. Most of my teaching is around writing and technology. Most of research is about the effectiveness of institutional research and programs. So, obviously, the reason I teach this course isn’t that I am a film scholar or intellectual. I teach it because I worked in the film industry for six years after college in some very interesting roles and well-known places. While we won’t screen any films that I personally worked on this semester, I have chosen films that I believe are relevant to understanding how the film industry develops stories from many, many sources (including “literature”) and turns them into visual products to be consumed by a different audience. Because I approach the study of film from a professional rather than academic point-of-view, I think you will find that my perspective is quite different, but complementary, to what you might experience in other film courses.