Hello my name is Emmanuel Newton. I am 21 years young. I am a Communication Design Major attending City Tech.  Born and raised in Brooklyn NY, i fell in love with drawing at age 12. My mom seen my interest so she decided to enroll me into Saturday art classes at Pratt Institute. after taking a few drawing classes i then took a intro to communication design coarse. i didn’t know what it was until someone explained it. Communicating . message or idea through a visual imagery and words.

At first i didn’t like Communication design because of the fact we had to work on computers and i just wanted to draw,  But then i gradually gained interest, and i found out that i can draw things and have them placed on the computer and edit them to make them look like cool posters or ads. I finally got to old to attend classes at Pratt and I graduated from High School. Then I came to tech in September of 2015.

Since I’ve been here my knowledge on communication design has expanded. It can deal be stressful sometimes, and i still dread working on the computer but its kind of fun. When i am finished at City Tech i hope to own my own design business or maybe combine something with my musicality and my design.  But anyways….. i hope you enjoyed the welcome This is my e portfolio. Feel free to explore, leave critique and comments. Thanks.

In addition the above logo is a representation of me. I am designer but I am also a performing artist. Not many people know that I play drums  and I’ve been playing for a long time which is why I included a silhouette of a drum in my logo. Also why i wrote Music Peace Creativity, its like my tag line. My last name is Newton but I didn’t like the way ” “Newton Designs” sounded so i changed it to “Nutown” for my logo.