Grading Policy

Homework assignments: 50%

  • Quizzes: 25%
  • Labs: 25%

In-class assignments, labs, and exams: 50%

  • Weekly in-class quizzes: 10%
  • In-Class Labs: 20%
  • Mid-Term Exam: 10%
  • Final Exam: 10%

Letter grades

  • A: 93-100,
  • A-: 90-92.9,
  • B+: 87-89.9,
  • B: 83-86.9,
  • B-: 80-82.9,
  • C+: 77-79.9,
  • C: 70-76.9,
  • D: 60-69.9,
  • F: <= 59.90

Assignments Policy

  • The homework online labs have to be successfully completed in order to have access to the labs in the classroom.
  • You have to pass all the quizzes to have access to take the Mid-Term and the Final Exams.
  • If for any reason you miss a class, it is your responsibility to complete the corresponding homework online reading assignments, quizzes, and labs.

Academic Integrity Policy Statement

Students and all others who work with information, ideas, texts, images, music, inventions, and other intellectual property owe their audience and sources accuracy and honesty in using, crediting, and citing sources. As a community of intellectual and professional workers, the College recognizes its responsibility for providing instruction in information literacy and academic integrity, offering models of good practice, and responding vigilantly and appropriately to infractions of academic integrity. Academic dishonesty is prohibited in The City University of New York and is punishable by penalties, including failing grades, suspension, and expulsion. Some examples of academic dishonesty are cheating, plagiarism, Internet plagiarism, obtaining unfair advantage, falsification of records and official documents, and collusion.

Attendance Policy

Attendance will be taken at the start of each class and lab session.


All email to the instructor is suggested to be from an academic email account. Using any other public email account may cause email loss or rejection. Please always include (EMT2370) in the subject line of your email.


  1. The instructor reserves the right to modify this outline anytime.