About Me

I’ve designed in some way, shape or form for about 75% of my time on this Earth. Even as a child I always found my hands reaching out to draw, to shape, and if I couldn’t use them, my imagination was always racing. As an adult I still experience both of these phenomenon.

Growing up I was always watching cartoons, playing video games, reading comic books. These aren’t things unusual for children to do, but those things had a profound effect on my imagination, on the things I grew up wanting to immerse myself in.

I found myself wanting to create. I found myself wanting to make things that people could watch, play, embrace and appreciate. The desire to consume became the need to produce.

I attended the High School of Art and Design and graduated a major of cartooning and animation. Not too long after I began studying at CUNY’s New York City College of Technology, pursuing a degree in communication design. My goal was to learn things like animation and game design, but during my studies I picked up useful information and even applied skills in developing things like advertisements, logos, type, and web design.

At 22 years of age, I’ve learned to embrace multiple media of design, and I’ve learned how to develop and tune them to my liking. Even now I’m continuing to learn; I am currently studying animation, a subject I have yearned to study for years.  But throughout my life, and with my experience, I came to learn one fact: all design has a message, a meaning. Everything that is designed with care delivers messages that stand the test of time.

I want to deliver my own messages with my art, and leave an impact on society.

If you read all that and want to see the various things I’ve had a hand in designing, go to my Portfolio page on this very site.

Additionally, feel free to view my portfolio on Behance.

You can also go to my personal site for even more work.